2018 Top 100 Coverage, Days 1-3

Day 1 & 2

Never be Average.

Charlottesville, VA. – A motto that has been a repeated phrase among Top 100 coaches, staff and speakers, it appears to be the unofficial slogan that underlines the very important detail as to why this camp is important.

To maximize the potential of elite players on and off the court.

Entering its 24th year, University of Virginia opened its doors to the NBPA Top 100 Camp which hosts the best players in the country and plays an integral part in developing these young men through basketball instruction, competition and educational components which help them understand the lifestyle and business nuances they may run into on their road to making it to the NBA.

And this year was no different. As players poured in, they were assigned their camp coaches which included veteran and current NBA Players participating in the NBPA Top 100 Coaches Program which included: Ricky Davis, Ryan Hollins, Rajon Rondo, Jason Maxiell, Tyler Cavanaugh, Luke Zeller, Tony Allen Jason Smith and Brandon Paul.

They were also greeted by Camp Director Tim McCormick, Chief of Player Programs Purvis Short and Head of Top 100 Scouting John Lucas. But before games could be in play, their first educational discussion was led by motivational speakers Walter Bond and Zach Minor who discussed having the right mindset and making the right decisions on and off the court.

After the campers got through their educational components, they began camp play which also featured a record 15+ 7-footers and a plethora of European talent.

Check out the photos below and video of the action on and off the court for the first two days of camp below:


Day 3

Today marked the first day the campers really got after it and with scouts, in attendance, the energy of games was felt from start to finish. For the first time in 24 years, the NBPA Top 100 Camp featured NBA scouts from various mediums to come in and analyze the talent in the gym.  Take a look at all the competitive games which took place today, below.


(Photos by Cassy Athena and Davide De Pas Pictures)