Parent Program
Parent Program

Parent Program

The Top 100 Camp prepares parents for what lies ahead.

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The Parent Program was designed to create a team approach between the elite high school athlete and his family. The parents/guardians are provided a forum to discuss the pressures and concerns of raising a talented basketball player. The sessions have been designed by training and consulting experts to help parents enhance their relationship with their sons as they guide them as student-athletes.To participate, email:

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The NBPA has created a wonderful program. It helped me to support and assist my son every step of the way.

- Dwight Howard Sr.

The Top 100 Camp was the best camp my son ever attended. The information, fundamentals, and organization was incredible. Thanks so much.

- Marge Frease

The Top 100 Camp was very rewarding. It brought my son and me closer as we navigate this never-ending maze of college recruiters. The parent workshops were exceptional.

- Dennis M. Young

Attending the Parent Program has changed the way I interact with my son. It has taught me to have a greater appreciation and understanding of the pressures he is experiencing.

- Vince Carson

The parents coaching parents program was the best thing I could have ever imagined in helping our family deal with the recruiting process.

- Tywanna Patterson

I was amazed with the variety of topics and speakers.

- Brad Tebutt

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Thank you for those who participated!

The mission of Top 100 Camp is to create an environment of growth, development, and vision so our campers can have the best shot of making their basketball dreams come true. Their greatest resource is a supportive and educated family to assist them along their journey. We hope this will be a week that you will never forget.